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PCSO.live serves as your reliable guide and confidant in the world of PCSO Lotto results. Our commitment to providing you with the most recent outcomes, news, and events related to lottery games in the Philippines is unwavering.

We ensure that you are always in the know when it comes to the latest developments and results in the Philippine lotto scene. Our aim is to keep you updated and informed, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-paced world of lottery games.

Trust PCSO.live to be your constant companion in your journey through the exciting realm of Philippine lotto games.


About Us: What We Do

PCSO.live is an online platform dedicated to providing up-to-date information on PCSO Lotto results, news, and events in the Philippines.

As a vital source for the latest developments in the realm of lottery games, PCSO.live ensures that users stay informed and engaged with the dynamic world of Philippine lotto. The platform’s primary focus is to deliver accurate and timely updates, fostering a sense of community among lottery enthusiasts and serving as a reliable guide for those interested in the PCSO Lotto scene.

PCSO.live offers a diverse range of lotto categories, encompassing popular games such as Ultra Lotto 658, Grand Lotto 655, Super Lotto 649, Mega Lotto 645, Lotto 642, 6 Digit Game 6D, 4 Digit Game 4D, Swertres Lotto 3D, and EZ2 Lotto 2D, among others.


Lottery GameNumber of DigitsHow to Win
Ultra Lotto 6586Match all 6 winning numbers in any order
Grand Lotto 6556Match all 6 winning numbers in any order
Super Lotto 6496Match all 6 winning numbers in any order
Mega Lotto 6456Match all 6 winning numbers in any order
Lotto 6426Match all 6 winning numbers in any order
6 Digit Game 6D6Match all 6 winning numbers in exact order
4 Digit Game 4D4Match all 4 winning numbers in exact order
Swertres Lotto 3D3Match all 3 winning numbers in exact order
EZ2 Lotto 2D2Match 2 winning numbers in exact order

About Us: What We Have

At pcso.live, we are committed to providing you with the latest e lotto results, purely for your convenience and informational needs. We understand the importance of verifying these results and therefore, we strongly encourage you to cross-check them on the official PCSO website and its various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube

This will ensure that you have the most accurate and reliable information at your disposal. We believe in maintaining a transparent and open line of communication with our readers, which is why we urge you to connect with us on our contact page at pcso.live@gmail.comWe are always eager to hear from you and assist you in any way possible.

 At pcso.live, we strive to offer you an authentic, current, and user-friendly platform for all your PCSO e lotto results needs. We understand and value the trust you place in us, and we are dedicated to upholding it. Our commitment to you is to provide a seamless and efficient service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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